William Brittelle & Aaron Roche

Soft Soft Loud

Future Shock

Transcend the classical concert experience.


Curtin Theatre, John Curtin College of the Arts

Tickets $44–$49

  • Classical Music
  • Contemporary Music


Transcend the classical concert experience.

Revered US electro-acoustic composer William Brittelle masterfully melds the world of pop and New York’s downtown classical scene together in Future Shock – a newly conceived piece exclusive to Fremantle Arts Centre during PIAF 2017.

Led by artistic director Matthew Hoy, Brittelle and his songsmith countryman Aaron Roche collaborate alongside an ensemble of WA’s finest musicians, as they bring to life a vivid, virtuosic and genuinely compelling performance that transcends the typical classical concert experience.

Due to inclement weather Soft Soft Loud will now be performed in an enclosed venue next to Fremantle Arts Centre.

Presented by Fremantle Arts Centre and Perth International Arts Festival

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