Il n'est pas encore minuit ...

Compagnie XY

A heart-in-your mouth, edge-of-your seat adrenaline rush.


Regal Theatre

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‘With gregarious lindy-hop moves and minimalist but thrilling acrobatic feats, the show makes performers and audiences gurgle together in the shared pleasure of the moment.’ The Guardian (UK)

Get set for a heart-in-your mouth, edge-of-your seat adrenaline rush as the thrilling acrobats of France’s Compagnie XY perform in Australia for the very first time.

A circus collective renowned around the world for pushing the limits of physical ability and bringing poetry to the body in motion, the XY style is daring, gasp-inducing stunts. Il n'est pas encore minuit ... (It's Not Yet Midnight ...) features exhilarating acrobatic feats from 22 performers who will have your jaw dropping in wonder. They flip and dive through the air defying the laws of physics and create multi-storey human towers to have you holding your breath.

It begins with the chaos and rumble of an all-in brawl that gradually emerges into a study in cooperation and trust. With awesome strength and physicality, injected with humour and backed by the sounds of a 1920s jazz club, Il n'est pas encore minuit ... is a must-see circus event for everyone.

Duration: 60mins no interval

Post Show Conversation
Fri 9 Feb, 8.30pm

Strict lock out, latecomers will not be admitted.

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‘The rock'n'roll circus where everything's possible.’

‘As hour's go, this one's packed: flip after flip, feat after feat ... It's rambunctious, energetic and teeming with life.’

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