Gregory Maqoma


Dance and music in a ritual embrace.

A Vuyani Dance Theatre production

South Africa

Heath Ledger Theatre, State Theatre Centre of WA

Tickets $25–$60

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Awards & Reviews

2014 New York City Bessie Award

‘An offering of transcendent power.’

‘The weekend performances of Exit/Exist may well have been the best live music and dance collaboration Washington will see in 2013. The musicians were mesmerising and seamlessly complemented Maqoma’s choreography. But the most memorable element of Exit/Exist may have been Maqoma’s feet.’

‘ A commanding and focussed performance.’


Dance and music in a ritual embrace.

Leading South African choreographer and gifted dancer Gregory Maqoma pays homage to his ancestry in this celebration of spirit and resilience. Embodying the forgotten history of a revered Xhosa warrior chief, Maqoma performs a transformational solo that combines traditional African and contemporary dance.

The divine harmonies and lamentations of the Vuyani Ensemble – with guitarist Giuliano Modarelli – weave through Maqoma’s vibrant kinetic world to bring this story of race, politics, cultural tradition and personal legacy to life.


60mins no interval 

Post Show Discussion
Sun 12 Feb, 8.30pm

Dates, Times & Access

Heath Ledger Theatre, State Theatre Centre of WA

Assistive listening
Wheelchair access


Cast & Crew

Gregory Maqoma

Choreographer and Dancer


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