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Hirokazu Koreeda




Hirokazu Koreeda's family dramas have been popular worldwide over the past 15 years. His films have been selected for competition at the Cannes Film Festival multiple times as well as for numerous other festival competitions. Koreeda’s background is in television documentary, and he continues to work in both film and TV.  After the Storm is the fifth film by Koreeda to be selected for PIAF.

Writer-Director: After the Storm, 2016;  Our Little Sister, 2016 PIAF;  Like Father, Like Son, 2014 PIAF; I Wish, 2013 PIAF; Air Doll, 2009;  Still Walking, 2008; Hana, 2006; Nobody Knows, 2005 PIAF; Distance, 2001; After Life, 1998