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Museum of Water

Amy Sharrocks

What water will you keep?

UK/ Western Australia


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‘It is life, death and all the washing up in between. Which is what you want from a museum – the whole of human life. Bottled.’


What water will you keep?

A vial of tears, drips from a roof and a plastic bottle of billabong water – every drop tells a story.

Choose your water, find something to put it in and tell us why you brought it. PIAF Artist-in-Residence Amy Sharrocks invites you to consider your relationship with the world’s most indispensable liquid as she builds the WA edition of the award-winning Museum of Water.

Set to open in PIAF 2018 before becoming part of the Western Australian Museum’s permanent collection, Museum of Water is a radically different kind of museum.

To donate your water, come and see us in Albany. 

A free program of pop-up events will be released closer to the event date. 

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