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A Discussion About the Yurlmun: Mokare Mia Boodja Exhibition

Traditional objects and artworks from Albany in the 1830s.

Western Australia

Albany Town Hall

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Encounters is a two part event in the PIAF Great Southern Writers Festival. Both events focus on Old Farm, Strawberry Hill and the Yurlmun: Mokare Mia Boodja exhibition of King George Sound Aboriginal material from the British Museum collection currently on display at the Museum of the Great Southern in Albany.

Objects such as those found in museum exhibitions, and significant sites like Old Farm, Strawberry Hill, offer inspiration and information to authors and researchers investigating Aboriginal culture and history, particularly pre European settlement. Photographs, art works and rare written and oral recordings also provide clues. Most potent are Aboriginal people, the Traditional Owners themselves, whose oral traditions provide direct connections to stories back as far as the Dreamtime.

On Friday 24 February, Noongar Elders, renowned author Kim Scott, historians and anthropologists, led by National Trust CEO Julian Donaldson, will discuss their experiences with various sources available to them when preparing to write Aboriginal historical fiction or history.

On Saturday 25 February, join Aboriginal Elders and representatives from the National Trust on a guided tour of Old Farm, Strawberry Hill to discover its Aboriginal significance.

Dates, Times & Access

Albany Town Hall

Fri 24 Feb, 7.30pm

Old Farm, Strawberry Hill

Sat 25 Feb, 10.30am