Top 5 Picks: Sarah Weber from PICA

Thursday 9 February 2017

The next in our series of PIAF 2017 personal recommendations comes from Sarah Weber, producer at Perth Institute of Contemporary arts, Swiss native and rebellious rule breaker (because she picked six shows instead of five – not that we blame her!)

1. Boorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak

Trees, colours and magical lights – of course I’ll be there. I can’t wait! I’ll take my family who are visiting from Switzerland. It’ll be a wonderful way for them to experience the rich beauty and culture of Western Australia.

2. Collisions

I’m super excited about Collisions, which will be presented at PICA as part of PIAF. The work uses virtual reality technology to immerse us in Indigenous storytelling and explores stories of country, Aboriginal identity and experience of place.

3. The Encounter

A 3D soundscape? A story about someone lost in the Amazon? Count me in!

4. Lady Eats Apple

I’ve heard so much about Back to Back Theatre – their work has travelled the globe – and I’m thrilled that we get to experience one of their works here in Perth.

5. A O Lang Pho

Who wouldn’t want to see circus with giant bamboo baskets?

6. The Midnight Run

I’m a long-time The Last Great Hunt fangirl – so I’ll go and see anything they create. In addition, I love walking tours – they are such an excellent way to explore your environment. So a walking tour through the streets of Perth to rediscover the familiar is definitely for me!