Top 5 Picks: Jenny Simpson from Awesome Arts Festival

Friday 10 February 2017

Knowing a thing or two about the Arts, Festival goers ignore the sage advice of AWESOME Arts CEO Jenny Simpson at their own peril.

Read on to find out what she’s excited to see at this year’s Festival – and how she overcame her kuklophobia.

1. The Encounter

I was sold on this piece as soon as I read about it. The premise of the show is fascinating as is the use of technology in a large space like The Maj. Getting up close and personal with the Amazon also appealed and then … Benedict Cumberbatch posted video online raving about it. OMG – I went from being sold to ‘who must I kill to get a ticket’. Cannot wait!

2. Opus No. 7

This show actually scares me a little. It is a big heavy topic, but I like to be challenged in the theatre – to learn and be moved. I haven’t seen many shows from Russia and I’m curious. Being set in the ABC Perth Studios is also of interest as it is not your regular theatre venue. I’m also intrigued by the scale of this show and I love puppetry in the context of a show for adults.

3. An Evening with an Immigrant

I love being captured by big stories and this show sounds like an utterly wonderful journey.

It is also great to see poetry making an appearance on stage.

4. Betroffenheit

Come on, all the cool kids have to go to something with an unpronounceable name! This combination of art forms promises to be a firecracker of a show. I don’t know anything about these artists but the prospect of comedy, poetry, drama and movement – as well as crisis management! Oh my – what is not to love?

5. A O Lang Pho

Okay, so I admit that I am not a big fan of circus. This is probably because in my career I have seen waaay too much bad circus, boring circus, cheesy circus and well … circussy circus. But A O Lang Pho has piqued my curiosity. Vietnamese circus? Repurposing cane baskets? Where traditional Vietnamese music meets hip-hop? I am utterly intrigued by the notion of Vietnamese cultural tradition fusing with contemporary circus – I simply have to see it. So, I’m putting my fears aside (it is called kuklophobia people) and taking the plunge!

Also – for all those CRAZY people who missed Home at last year’s Festival (and haven’t stopped complaining to me about it) – if you miss Boorna Waanginy, you’re dead to me.