Small Voices Louder: Michelle Loh Review

Friday 17 February 2017

Small Voices Louder is the interactive work that asks children life’s big questions in fun and unexpected ways.

Find out what our Kid Curator Michelle Loh thinks about this unique interactive work.


‘I would rate Small Voices Louder a stunning 9 and a 1/2 out of 10.’

Little people have big ideas. Small Voices Louder is an immersive event where children explore and contribute to an installed world of cubbies, cupboards, megaphones and questions. Each tent has a hidden microphone where they record the children’s heartfelt answers to each of the questions.

Small Voices Louder is suitable for children aged 7–12 years of age who are confidently able to read.

Alex Desebrock, the creator of this production, states that children aren’t heard enough and don’t have a chance for a say. She also says that the questions that she picked had to be mind-boggling questions that sometimes make your brain pop, like What is fear? and What do you believe in?

The children are brought into a dark room where there is a narrow ribbon representing a pathway into your brain. Alex explains to each child that every new thing you learn opens up a new pathway into your mind. She also explains that is also why there is an explosive feeling when an idea is formed.

One by one, they follow the pathway and many more narrow ribbons lead them to each tent where they take their own journeys. There are eight tents, which are a variety of sizes. The children are then asked to enter the tent, and answer the meaningful questions written on the floorboards. When each child has completed answering all eight questions, a surprise question awaits around the corner …

The children are taken outside and are given a megaphone, standing on a podium with a giant banner behind them, to shout their personal views and beliefs to the public. All based on that one big question.

Small Voices Louder is such an amazing experience. The children’s answers are recorded and projected from giant megaphones placed randomly around Perth City, UWA and even possibly, on the radio. I would rate Small Voices Louder a stunning 9 and a ½ out of 10 as I wish there were a few more tents with more questions to answer.

This event is truly amazing and only costs $16 per child, which is really worth it. Just remember that this event is a child-only event and the parent will be locked out until the big surprise question!

I feel grateful and delighted that Alex Desebrock created an event that allowed the children of Perth to have their own say and to address the big questions that even adults find hard to answer.


Listen below to responses that children have given at Small Voices Louder. These will be broadcast across the airwaves and at unexpected places around the Festival.