Small Voices Louder: Ella Popham Review

Friday 17 February 2017

Small Voices Louder is the interactive work that asks children to think big  and adults to listen.

We asked our Kid Curator Ella Popham to tell us what she thought of this kids-only experience.

'Small Voices Louder is an experience everyone should encounter. It makes you feel valued and that you matter.'

The experience is where there are questions that you answer into a microphone (sometimes you can see it and sometimes it’s hidden), which then go out to the world, maybe a little bit edited but not much! The microphones are either hidden in teepees or in a megaphone or on the side of the teepee.

There were seven kids in my session. We went in pairs (one by herself) and chose a symbol (swirl, egg, crystal, alien, portal ... ) and followed the line to a teepee. There would be a question in front of the teepee and inside (or outside) that you would answer or you would do the task that you had seen outside.

It was a very special show because it makes the kids feel like they have the whole world listening.

At the start, I felt like I was in the shadows, not mattering. Then at the end I felt very much valued and like I mattered a lot. I felt that this was my chance to show the world my opinion to life’s big questions.


Listen below to responses that children have given at Small Voices Louder. These will be broadcast across the airwaves and at unexpected places around the Festival.