Breaking it down with ... Jambinai

Monday 5 December 2016

Fusing traditional South Korean instrumentation with unorthodox heaviness, Jambanai is set to bring their post-rock thunder Down Under – but before that happens, we take a moment to get to know their guitar and piri player Ilwoo Lee.

Describe your live show in one sentence:

Familiar drama with fullness of fresh mise-en-scène.

Who is your favourite artist right now and why?

E Sens the Korean rapper. His rapping is full of his true story, without any swag.

Top three songs you love to dance to:

I don't dance.

Something most people don’t know about you:

It's hard to answer because most people don't know about me.

What can’t you live without when on the road and why?

Hmm ... beer? I like to drink beer on the street.

What is the best thing you have heard about Australia or Perth?

Great nature and weather.

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Program Associate: Contemporary Music

Written By Clara Iaccarino

Festival programmer, artist manager, wordsmith, wild child and more – our Contemporary Music programmer Clara Iaccarino wears a lot of hats while travelling far and wide chasing the world’s most tantalising sounds. All so she can program your summer nights at Chevron Festival Gardens.