R.A. Spratt



R.A. Spratt is a bestselling author and television writer. She is known for her Nanny Piggins and Friday Barnes book series. R.A. Spratt has written for dozens of different television shows.  In recent years she has specialised mainly in children’s animation, but she has also had extensive experience writing jokes, sketch comedy and political satire. R.A. Spratt’s first book, The Adventures of Nanny Piggins was published in Australia in 2009 and the USA in 2010. R.A. Spratt lives in Bowral, Australia with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys gardening and napping, but rarely gets the time to do either. She is currently obsessed with CrossFit. R.A. is now writing the 7th book in the Friday Barnes series. She previously wrote 9 instalments in the Nanny Piggins series. R.A. Spratt attended Eastwood Public School, James Ruse Agricultural High School and Charles Sturt University – Mitchell where she earned a BA Communications (Media Production). R.A. Spratt has three chickens, two goldfish, and a desperately needy dog.