Charlie's Country

Cast: David Gulpilil, Peter Djigirr, Luke Ford

Between two worlds

Rated M (mature themes and coarse language)

Director Rolf de Heer

State Library Theatre

Tickets $13.50–$18

  • Drama

Awards & Reviews

‘This eloquent drama's stirring soulfulness is laced with the sorrow of cultural dislocation but also with lovely ripples of humour and even joy.’


Between two worlds

In a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory, Charlie attempts to live off the land yet feels that his old ways are under threat. In frustration after his hunting spear is confiscated, Charlie tries to live alone in the bush, but instead ends up instead in Darwin, where his troubles escalate. This third partnership between director Rolf de Heer and star David Gulpilil enriches and expands the views of Indigenous Australia in The Tracker and Ten Canoes. Charlie's Countrybrings us up to date with its complex portrayal of Charlie, a sincere but sardonic man trapped between the cultures of the country of his ancestry and that of the city and nation. The creation of Charlie's Country was initiated by de Heer after he was confronted with the irreconcilable contradictions in Gulpilil's own life, and this closeness to the film’s subject lends a rich and rewarding realness. Gulpilil won a Best Actor award for Charlie’s Country at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

Screening format: 35mm

The screening will be introduced by Rolf de Heer

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