Another Country

Cast: David Gulpilil (voice)

Yolngu and English with English subtitles

One country, two cultures

Rated G (very mild themes)

Director Molly Reynolds

State Library Theatre

Tickets $13.50–$18

  • Drama

Awards & Reviews

‘(A) rich, deeply thoughtful and humane documentary, told from the perspective of a person who appears to be divided.’


One country, two cultures

Molly Reynolds' documentary on Ramingining is an expressive investigation of an Australian community. Using a wry, sometimes bracingly ironic commentary by David Gulpilil, Another Country asks "what happened to my culture, when it was interrupted by your culture?". Ramingining is the centre of a Yolngu community of around 1500 people at the edge of the Arafura swamp, the location of Ten Canoes, and much of Charlie's County was shot there. Another Country explains how Ramingining works and how it does not work; and how the traditional lives of Yolngu people are altered by capitalism and state intervention. This latter part of Reynolds and de Heer's increasingly rich ‘Country’ suite of films is a key work in contemporary Australian cinema.

Screening format: 35mm

The screening will be introduced by Molly Reynolds

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State Library Theatre

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