Artistic Director: Wendy Martin

Executive Director: Nathan Bennett

Finance Director: Kenny Lye
Finance Manager: Sue Aston
Accountant: Greg Apps
Finance Officer: Beck Nouraei
HR & Support Services Manager: Jessica Blackwell
IT Coordinator & Systems Administrator: Justin Cheek
Executive Assistant: Administration & Videographer: Peter Liacopoulos
Executive Administrator: Ellie Murray-Yong
Travel Beyond Consultant: Jessica Laing
Travel Beyond Consultant: Naidine Rintel

Head of Programming: Anna Reece
Program Manager: Jessica Darlow
Program Manager: Film: Tom Vincent
Guest Curator: Perth Writers Festival: William Yeoman
Program Associate: Contemporary Music: Clara Iaccarino
Program Associate: Classical Music: Yarmila Alfonzetti
Program Associates: Visual Arts: Felicity Fenner and Anne Loxley
Education Manager: Emma Hewitt
Creative Producer: Museum of Water: Sarah Rowbottam

Head of Production: Garry Ferguson
Production Manager: Elliot Chambers
Audience Services Manager: Fiona Smith

Development Director: Dana Henderson
Development Manager: Jennifer Turner
Philanthropy Executive: Andrew York
Events and Sponsorship Executive: Shelley Farrell 
Development Coordinator: Dani Ryder

Communications Manager: Stephen Bevis
Communications Coordinator: Jessica Barker
National Publicist: Miranda Brown

Marketing Director: Brad Martin
Marketing Manager: Michelle Goldblatt
Ticketing & CRM Administrator: Jenny Hong

Friends of the Festival 
Chair: Shirene Varendorff
Executive Officer: Judy Reid