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Roysten Abel

The Manganiyar Classroom

School of Rock, Indian folk style.

A Can & Abel Theatres Production, Co-production Bhoomija Trust


Tickets $16



The Manganiyar Classroom
is a very different kind of classroom – where a group of 9–11 year olds run the show.

The Manganiyars are a tribal community from the heart of India’s Thar Desert with a strong musical tradition. Their unique mix of folk and Indian classical music inspired theatre director Roysten Abel to create the international sensation The Manganiyar Seduction (PIAF 2011).

In his latest music-theatre production, the Manganiyar children rebel against their teacher and spontaneously create stunning music with their sublime voices (and onstage attitude).

Sung in Hindi.

Presented by arrangement with Arts Projects Australia

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