Kurt Vile

Indie-rock’s old soul.


Chevron Festival Gardens

Tickets $66–$74

  • Contemporary Music

Awards & Reviews

‘Songs flush with imagery, sardonic poetry, and [a] rich, warm, folk-rock sound.’


Due to popular demand, a second show for Kurt Vile has been announced!

Best known as the leader of Kurt Vile & The Violators, this influential indie-rock artist is hitting the stage in solo mode.

A young man with an old soul, the ‘ingenious-weirdo’ appeal of Vile evokes a cult-like following. His moody and melodic tunes cut to the very heart of the human condition, exposing compelling stories of vulnerability and imperfection.

It is rare to experience this sheer talent solo, but as folklore tells it, this is where the magic happens. Sometimes dark, sometimes brooding, ever lolloping, glorious and charming, Vile possesses an imagination that transcends the slacker-rock tradition. Don’t miss this opportunity for an intimate Vile encounter.

Seated event.

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Chevron Festival Gardens

Wheelchair access


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Premium Experience

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