Kishi Bashi + Teeth & Tongue

Quirky, whimsical multi-instrumental meets party synths.


Chevron Festival Gardens

Tickets $37–$33

  • Contemporary Music

Awards & Reviews

‘Shiny electro-pop that whizzes, squeals and often feels as if it's about to fly off the rails altogether.’

‘Catchy guitar riffs, pervasive drums, and echoey vocals, it’s a little Le Tigre, a little B-52s (with a dash of Go-Gos) but, more importantly, it’s a whole lot of fun.’


Honing his skills as a touring violinist with the likes of Regina Spektor and Of Montreal, Kishi Bashi is a multi-instrumentalist who weaves fantastical, quirky soundscapes that burst with classical fusions and soaring vocals.

A must-see for fans of Grizzly Bear, Sufjan Stevens and Animal Collective, Kishi Bashi combines sweeping strings with electro-pop and giddy delight.

Joining Kishi Bashi are Melbourne party starters Teeth & Tongue, led by suave songstress Jess Cornelius. One of the slickest bands currently slaying Aussie stages, Teeth & Tongue thrust bombastic 80s synth-pop sounds into a swirling mix of rock and swag.

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Chevron Festival Gardens

Wheelchair access


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Premium Experience

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