Wednesday 1 March

Speak Easy

Festival Navigator Ruth Little explores the PIAF 2017 works that give children a voice.

Monday 27 February

Museum of Water: A Community of Water

Museum of Water opened in WA with two busy, beautiful days at Cottesloe Beach as part of PIAF 2017. Our first bottle of the day came from Fireman Luke Frazer-James, just rushing off to a job – the water that keeps him and the crew going all day.

Tuesday 21 February

Small Voices Louder: Zigge Gray Review

We ask our Young Curator Zigge Gray to review Small Voices Louder – our outspoken interactive show just for kids.

Tuesday 21 February

Small Voices Louder: Jarvis Hicks Review

Small Voices Louder is the kids-only show that connects little voices, and their big ideas, to adult ears. We ask our Kid Curator, and self-proclaimed attention hog, Jarvis Hicks to review this interactive experience.